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New Haven House of Prayer
450 Browders Loop W

New Waverly TX 77358

Kids of all ages love the community and spiritual growth they experience at New Haven. We offer Bible classes for children and teens on Sunday mornings where they will grow in their knowledge of God and build friendships with others their own age.  After class, everyone worships together (children under five years old may attend kids church in the nursery.)

The Great Exchange

God’s plan for our life is revealed as we deny ourselves and follow Christ. We exchange our old life for a new life in Christ, finding forgiveness of sin and freedom to walk in loving obedience to His Word.

The Great Commandment

God’s grace in our life is revealed as we practice spiritual activities like worship´╗┐, prayer, Bible study, serving, giving and others. By His grace we are empowered to live full of faith, purpose, and joy.

The Great Commission

God’s love in our life is revealed as we love and disciple one another. We pursue Christ-honoring community where we fellowship together in small groups and work together in ministry.

Do you desire to experience a closer relationship to God? Do you want to become more familiar with how He speaks to you? Do you desire Him to work through your life in greater ways? We do too! Come and see what it’s like to be a part of a community of people who are passionately seeking to walk in the fullness of the Kingdom of God!

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